CREATE Swansea Mental Health Services

(Community Rehabilitation Employment Assessment Training Enterprise)


CREATE services Swansea are comprised of both statutory and voluntary sector services offering people who suffer from mental health problems help and support.

Create services is a partnership that includes Cwmbwrla Day centre and also create solutions which is our employment needs team, HAFAL, CONNECT, MIND and Dragon arts centre.

Referrals can be from community mental health teams by Nurses, social workers or from consultant psychiatrists.

Other CREATE organisations such as HAFAL, CONNECT, DRAGON ART
CENTRE and MIND offer both formal and informal routes for individuals who would like to access these services. Individuals can self refer however; if they do have a care co-ordinator (Nurse social worker or psychiatrist) we ask that the care-coordinator submits the referral.

For people who do not have a care-coordinator but attend one of the CREATE partner organisations there is an internal option for them to be referred to Cwmbwrla day centre to access an activity of interest or access our employment needs team and education officers for advice and support. We currently have European funding from the COASTAL which allows us to offer services to individuals who are not care managed but who would like to explore more vocational skills.

For further information you can contact;
Mr Gary Sheaf or MS Carol Hughes on 01792 652101
Please forward referrals to;
Cwmbwrla Day Centre
Heol Y Gors

See CREATE Referral Flowchart

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